From the heart

From the Heart (2012/13): Personal stories told by people with developmental disabilities. The project was realized in collaboration with The Norwegian Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (NFU). It was funded by the Norwegian Art Council, Muncipality of Bergen, Extrastiftelsen, Hordaland County Council and Western Norway Film Centre

Some of the storytellers in "From the heart"

About me

MA in Modern History from UiB, Norway and and MA in Communication Media (digital media, film, photography) from UWE, England. 

I've been working as digital storyteller, photographer, and art educator for several years, mainly on art and health projects on topics like identity and inclusion. I've collaborated with different production companies and institutions. Most of the projects on this site are cross platform digital storytelling projects produced by the Norwegian film production company Flimmer Film.  


Pictures from different projects

My days

My days (2010) was a two years life story project  that resulted in a film with 35 digital stories, a series of photographic portraits, a book and an exhibition at Gallery View in Oslo. The project recieved EMC's International Heritiage Award in 2008. The project was funded by the Muncipality of Bergen, Hordaland County Council, the bank Sparebanken Vest and Western Norway Film Centre 

Some of the storytellers in the My days - prosject